4 Reasons For Your Church To Consider Space Sharing

Most churches prefer having church premises of their own, but church sharing is a wonderful option. Whether you’re looking for a temporary space to worship, Renting until acquiring enough resources to build a church, or looking for a long-term option, church sharing can offer several advantages.

Here are 4 reasons for your church to consider space sharing

Allows church leadership to focus on ministry rather than maintenance.

Rented premises will be taken care of by the owner in terms of maintenance costs. This might ease the burden of the church meeting the maintenance costs and now focus on the ministry work. Church sharing provides access to facilities and services that the users could otherwise not afford. Thus allowing the church to attract new community members within their doors.

It is less expensive than buying.

Buying a church premise can be expensive and especially if the church is starting. Church Sharing is also a great option for churches looking to save money or earn extra revenue. Church Space also allows users to choose from a variety of long and short-term plans.

Easy to move if not satisfied with the conditions.

If the church has purchased a piece of land to build a church and later finds out that the conditions in the place, both physical or geographical are not conducive, it has no option but to get used to the conditions. But in the case of a rental facility, most leases are annually, and at the expiry of the lease, the church can decide to move to a better place with better conditions.

Less Conflict

A rented area has limited commitment as the property has its owner. In case of a dispute concerning the land, the church will take less responsibility as the landlord handles such a case.

There are always going to be challenges with starting something new. Still, there are several advantages to renting a church rather than leasing, and we are happy to help you experience church sharing firsthand.